Meeting Tempest - Erylian Epic Ep 3

March 19th, 2018

In which...

The group cycles through meeting Tempest, a water Genasi played by Caitlin. They tell her a little bit about the journey they are on, and so far, she seems to think things are nothing more than fish stories.

We also run into our first major retcon of the podcast. During the recordings I had givent he journey a time frame of 12 days, but while figuring out the distances on my map, I realized it will be closer to 6 or 7 days.

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  • Special Shoutout to TableTop Audio for the ambient track - Open Ocean which came out right before editing this episode.


The DM










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Track List


Fimbulwinter – Vindsvept (Intro)

Hoist up the Sails – Derek & Brandon Fiechter (2:33)

Open Ocean – Tabletop Audio (4:59)

Lost Sanctuary – Adrian von Ziegler (6:37)

Open Ocean – Tabletop Audio (9:42)

Soaring – Incompetech (11:36)

Fallen – Vindsvept (13:32)

Soaring – Incompetech (15:46)

Mystery of the Selkies – Derek & Brandon Fiechter (16:51)

Open Ocean – Tabletop Audio (18:31)

Seagulls and Background Music – Syrinscape (intermittent under Open Ocean)

Foreboding – Adrian von Ziegler (21:42)

Path to Darkness – Adrian von Ziegler (25:04)

Open Ocean – Tabletop Audio (29:43)

Life Is – Scott Buckley (32:20)

Syrinscape Ambience plays through the rest of the episode

Open Ocean – Tabletop Audio (35:10)

Life Is – Scott Buckley (37:04)

Investigations – Incompetech (40:10)

Open Ocean – Tabletop Audio (40:54)

Rise Again – SerpentSound Studios (41:28)

Mystery of the Selkies (cont.) – Derek & Brandon Fiechter (42:17)

Open Ocean – Tabletop Audio (43:50)

Heaven’s Touch – Adrian von Ziegler (46:48)

Open Ocean – Tabletop Audio (52:14)

Isle of Skye – Derek & Brandon Fiechter (53:15)

Opean Ocean (plays through rest of episode repeated) – Tabletop Audio (1:05:15)

Last Stand – Vindsvept (Outro)





Whispering Winds - Erylian Epic Ep 2

March 5th, 2018

In which...

The group meets up with the guild masters to inform them of their party member leaving, check up on their research, and get things set for them to leave. As they get ready to embark on the following day, Ariel finds herself with a strange vistor, while Kenina has a rough night of sleep. In the morning, Kenina discovers a wonderful beverage and they set off to find the Whispering Winds, the ship that the guild paid for their journey on. They familiarize themselves with a few members of the crew and try to stay out of the way until a tall tabaxi female takes the helm and the ship pulls away from Riven.

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The DM







You can reach the show by sending an email to or finding us on Twitter. If you'd like to interact with the cast, consider joining our Discord Server. All of us in Discord and on the weekends there is a good chance you can catch us in voice chat to just hang out.




Vindsvept (Intro)

Medieval Library

Tabletop Audio (6:09)


Scott Buckley (8:37)

The Hidden Scroll

Adrian von Ziegler (10:35)


Scott Buckley (12:09)


SerpentSound Studios (16:35)

Whispering Oaks

Derek & Brandon Fiechter (17:19)


Incompetech (20:51)

Season Unending

Vindsvept (26:49)


Scott Buckley (30:32)

Rise Again

SerpentSound Studios (31:49)

Sleeping Dragon

Tabletop Audio (33:55)

Middle Earth: Dawn

Tabletop Audio (36:25)




Incompetech (47:18)

Voice of the Sirens

Derek & Brandon Fiechter (52:19)

Docks District

Tabletop Audio (53:10)

Voice of the Sirens (cont.)

Derek & Brandon (1:01:44)



Swashbuckling Pirates

Derek & Brandon Fietcher (1:07:34)

On the Shore

Incompetech (1:08:07)

Hoist up the Sails

Derek & Brandon Fiechter (1:10:15)

Last Stand

Vindsvept (Outro)


Bonus - March 2018 Giveaway

March 1st, 2018

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A New Adventure Begins - Erylian Epic Ep 1

February 20th, 2018

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In which…

Rem goes to sleep, while the girls go out for drinks. Nyxi spins an amazing tale of the groups adventure thus far. Meanwhile, Rem tosses and turns in his bed, having nightmares of the people who have died around him. After everyone rouses from their sleep, gets together, and bathes, Ariel’s complaints of itching lead the group to discovering her fleas. Kenina manages to not catch them herself while investigating, but Rem cure’s her. With this taken care of, everyone decides to go shopping to prepare for their journey. After restocking on health potions and Ariel buying a staff, Kenina sells a spear to the local blacksmith – The Great Kobold Spear, Slayer of Men. Ariel buys herself a new cloak, then her and Kenina meet with Mistress Gallanodel to help her out with her arcane focus. Rem gets his bags packed and ready for the journey and waits in the guild hall’s common area, waiting for everyone. Meanwhile, Nyxi sits down to write a letter. Once everyone finishes their individual business, the group meets up again to speak to the guild masters.

We really hope you enjoy this new story we have planned for you. With this change in storyline, we’d really love to hear from you guys. You can email us at or reach out to us on Twitter under the handle EryliaPod. We also have a Discord Server and would love for you to join it and chat with us!


Track List - If you'd like to learn more about the artists featured on the show, check out our music page.




Vindsvept (Intro)

Fare Thee Well

Adrian von Ziegler (5:35)

Victorian London

Tabletop Audio (7:14)

Riverbard Tavern

Derek & Brandon Fietcher (10:29)




Incompetech (19:29)



Quest’s End

Vindsvept (23:31)

The Candle Burns Down…

Adrian von Ziegler (25:45)

Tainted Heart

Adrian von Ziegler (27:02)

The Candle Burns Down… (cont.)

Adrian von Ziegler (28:12)

Medieval Library

Tabletop Audio (32:00)

Nomadic Sunset

Serpent Sound Studios (33:20)

Medieval Town

Tabletop Audio (36:05)

Medieval Library (cont.)

Tabletop Audio (36:40)



Bloo ok Dyro

Adrian von Ziegler (42:28)


Incompetech (43:45)



The Medieval Realm

Derek & Brandon Fietcher (1:03:48)

Magic Forest

Incompetech (1:06:15)

Medieval Library (cont.)

Tabletop Audio (1:10:24)

Medieval Town

Tabletop Audio (1:22:45)

Forester’s Hut

Derek & Brandon Fietcher (1:23:54)

Medieval Town (cont.)

Tabletop Audio (1:27:05)

Blacksmith’s Shoppe

Tabletop Audio (1:30:31)


Incompetech (1:39:40)

Nor Ascena

Derek & Brandon Fietcher (1:42:38)

Slava, Moy Brat

Adrian von Ziegler (1:44:05)

Medieval Library (cont.)

Tabletop Audio (1:48:54)

Forest Children

Adrian von Ziegler (1:50:53)

Medieval Library

Tabletop Audio (1:54:55)

For the Last Time

Serpent Sound Studios (2:00:12)

Medieval Library (cont.)

Tabletop Audio (2:02:04)



Lost Time

Incompetech (2:06:42)

Last Acts Prelude

Adrian von Ziegler (2:10:09)

Last Stand

Vindsvept (Outro)


Behind the Screen 2-14-18

February 14th, 2018

Hello Adventurers!

Let’s have a peak behind the screen and chat about what’s going on with Adventures in Erylia.

It has been a long, long time since doing one of these. That was never the original intention, but every time I thought of doing one, nothing really seemed important enough to do this instead of edit, but I want to get these out more regularly now.

My goal is to keep these short, but if you just want the bullet points, here’s what I’m going to talk about:

  • Episode 1 of the Erylian Epic
  • Upgrade to Hindenburg Journalist Pro
  • World Building Wednesday -> World Anvil
  • Discord
  • Patreon
  • Moving hosts

Episode 1 of the Erylian Epic is recorded, and I am currently in the process of editing it. Based on where I am at right now in the editing process, I think you’ll be getting another long episode. I’m about an hour into the edit, and the current length is 2 and a half hours. By the time I get to the end, I have a feeling it’s going to be a bit short to cut into two episodes, so it will probably be released as a longer than usual episode.

I recently upgraded the software I use to edit. It’s actually the second upgrade since the relaunch. Back in December I started a trial period on Hindenburg Journalist. It is a non-destructive editor (meaning, when I make a cut, it “hides” the content instead of removes it). This was huge for me in regards to editing. Using Audacity like I had been meant that if I didn’t like a cut I made previously, I was stuck with it. I could undo things to a certain extent, but if I was on my second editing pass over an episode, it was far too late to go back and fix it. I bought Hindenburg when my trial ran out, and when they had their yearly sale on Feb 13th, I decided to upgrade it. This gave me access to a few more tools built in to the software that will hopefully make a difference down the line.

I don’t think it has really been talked about in any of the episode introductions, so I wanted to shout it out here. For a few months now I have been doing a weekly blog series that I call World Building Wednesday. In these blog posts, I go over some element about the world of Erylia and give it some depth in writing so that you guys can read about it and learn a little bit about the world and about my process when it comes to world building. About a month ago I was also turned on to a pretty amazing tool to help aid me in building the world of Erylia. World Anvil. World Anvil is a website where you can create an account and build the elements for your world in a wiki-like fashion. There is a ton of different categories for organizing your information and also a ton of text boxes for adding information that you may not even have been thinking about. I’m a part of the discord server for World Anvil, and it is an amazing community. Also, Dimitris, the guy behind World Anvil is an amazingly hard worker. You can see it in the updates channels. He is ALWAYS working on something. I’m not even sure the man sleeps. Oh, and if you don’t think you need a world building website for your D&D game, well he is currently working hard to create systems specific to RPGs.

Speaking of Discord. We have a Discord server, and you can join it! All of the members of the cast hang out in discord as a few friends we have made while gaming. We are also in voice chat usually at least once every weekend while we game together, so if you are interested in chatting with us and maybe getting in a game with us, come join our server. Unfortunately the discord invite links don’t play well with redirects, so the url is, which is also in the show notes for this episode.

We do have a Patreon set up for the show. If you’d like to contribute financially to the show, you can support the show on Patreon. We only have two tiers set up, $1/month and $5/month. $1 will get you the content part of our Patreon content, which includes our “lost” recordings from when the show was recorded on a Blue Yeti and sounded terrible as well as outtakes from our current episodes. I’ve been working to get the Patreon content caught up with the main episodes, usually releasing a few at once now. For $5 a month, you will get a personal thank you shout out during an episode, and your name will be added to a page on our website for those who support at that level.

And finally, for this time behind the screen, I am planning to change our podcast hosting. Currently, we host with PodBean. PodBean has worked well for us so far and I would still recommend them to anyone starting their own podcast. However, there are some features and opportunities that we would gain by switching to LibSyn as our podcast host. Some things that LibSyn can do for us is get us into more catalogs, like spotify and they will bring our business cards to any relevant event that they are attending. This change has not been made yet, and probably wont until April. Ideally, this change will have no effect on you as a listener. I have already reached out to LibSyn for the steps I need to take in order to change things over and get redirects in place in a way that you will hopefully not even notice the change. Some warning up front though, if you notice we miss a release day and haven’t said anything about it, you may not have gotten the new feed correctly and will need to resubscribe. When this change happens, I intend to put a final episode only in the current podbean feed to let you know that the feed is no longer in use. If everything goes right, you will never see that episode. If you do, it means you need to resubscribe. Once the process has been started, I will let you know again.


Erylian Epic - Prologue

February 5th, 2018

This episode introduces our upcoming campaign, the Erylian Epic. Like the Mieveht Story, there was an arc of the campaign that took place before we got our current audio set up and improved the quality of our audio. This episode will introduce you to the characters in the Erylian Epic, go over a brief play by play of the previous arcs events, and end with the nightwatch that we recorded after finishing the arc (with our new audio set up as well).


The character intro starts at 1:39.

The arc recap starts at 9:00.

The Nightwatch recording starts at 14:45.


The introduction music for the Erylian Epic is Fimbulwinter by Vindsvept.

The ambient audio in the Nightwatch segment is Woodland Campsite from Tabletop Audio.


If you like what we do and would like to support us, consider contributing to us on Patreon! I've been working to get more of the content for Patreon edited and posted lately, so the catalog grew quite a bit in the last month.


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Nightwatch - Mieveht Arc 1

January 22nd, 2018

Our group of ragtag escape convicts have successfully completed a few jobs for Mr. Cassien Nailo, and been unfortunately informed that they must leave the city. As we finish a campaign, all of the players will get around the mics for a special bonus episode, the Nightwatch. During a Nightwatch episode, we recap the previous arcs events and there is an open conversation between the players and the Dungeon Master about things that may have been missed or overlooked. It also gives the players a chance to ask the DM why he may have made some of the decisions he made or how certain things fit into the story, or if they were completely made up on the spot.

Full Show Notes are on our website.

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An Emotional Encounter - Mieveht Story Ep 10

January 8th, 2018

Having returned to The Den with Cassien's daughter, completing their job, the group has a meeting with him to learn about events going forward. Emotions run high as the group learns more than they expected about the Nailo family. Unfortunately, Cassien has to break some disappointing news to them, they can no longer stay in The Den. After conversing with each other and with Cassien, they decided to stick together and set their sights on the region of Khaerynthia, close to Chalul's home.

This episode concludes our first arc of the Mieveht Story. Next episode will be an episode of the Night Watch, a special episode where the players and the DM all sit down and discuss the events of the previous arc. This gives everyone that chance to ask some meta questions and learn things about the previous arc now that it is too late for the meta knowledge to effect the story. This also gives the DM a chance to get a feel for the players' current mood and see what they think of the story so far, and ask what's missing.

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Through The City We Go - Mieveht Story Ep9

December 25th, 2017

Our adventurers make their way back through the under city, sure that they have no loose ends left to tie up. After a brief altercation in The Commons, they make their way back into Cyrin to find transport back to Thelnea. Though there is some debate over payment to easily return home. With Xanphia back safe in The Den, the group settles in for a meeting with Cassien.

Check out our website! There you will find our full show notes with a full track listing for the music used in the episode. There is also a weekly blog on building the world of Erylia.

If you like what we are doing, considering supporting the show on Patreon. For only $1 a month, you will gain access to our "Lost Archive", episodes that were recorded in a quality we weren't happy with. Your support helps pay for the shows hosting and will help to further improve it.


Sewer of Flying Daggers - Mieveht Story Ep 8

December 11th, 2017

Our adventurers finally find Xanphia, chained to a wall in the sewers of Mieveht. While the rest of the party helps to free her, Sug listens in on a conversation from her captors. Knowing they are in no shape to confront the cult who had captured her, the party quickly flees from the sewers. But will their lack of previous exploration come back to bite them?

Full show notes are posted on the website. There you can also read our blog, find oru social media, and learn more about the cast.


Editor's Note

I have been using a new audio editor for the last couple of episodes, Hindenburg Journalist. I have been using it on a trial that ends a few days after this episode is published. I have really enjoyed my time with it and feel I have learned a lot about it and plan to purchase it for use in the show once Christmas is out of the way. This episode is probably the one I am most proud of as far as sound design goes and I hope you all agree.

In lieu of the problems going on with Patreon at the moment, I am not going to be asking for support their this episode, as we may not be continuing to use the service if they follow through with their change next week. If you'd like to know more, you can read my rant about their changes in this blog post.


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