DM Chat - Behind The Screen And The End Of The Hiatus

August 29th, 2017

The DM chat is being rebranded to Behind The Screen. We have wrapped up the arc we have been playing. And we have a date for the relaunch, International Podcast Day.

Link to full show notes on our website


DM Chat - Relaunch Update, Recap Changes, and Joining Instagram

August 15th, 2017

This is a pretty short update because there hasn't been a lot that has changed since the last update. Currently, we are looking at a relaunch date towards the end of September due to current scheduling, and having to learn how to edit an episode with the new recording style. Some changes have been made about how we will handle the recap of the first arc of the Mieveht Story. The recorded episodes are available on our Patreon for only $1 if you want to listen to the actual game play and get the full story, otherwise there will be a short episode that introduces the characters and gives only the important events on the first arc. We just finished up the first arc of the Erylian Epic, so we are currently in full relaunch mode to get the show ready to come back, new and improved. We have also joined up on Instagram. We will be trying to work on taking more pictures during our sessions to post on there, especially any particuarly funny shenanigans. Lastly, I am looking for some feedback on blog topics to write about over at You can email me at to tell me if you'd like me to write about my thoughts on D&D Beyond, my first renaissance faire experience, the first wave alpha launch of DungeonFog, or my World Builder's Journey.


DM Chat - An Update On Our Progress

July 31st, 2017

Hello Adventurers! I just wanted to check in with everyone still subscribed to our feed, but not checking the website (because it's not like we really had a website before this!). If you've already read the update from last week on the website, you can go ahead and skip to about 4 minutes in for the newest addition in this audio version.

The big news with this DM Chat is that now points to a fairly fucntioning wordpress site! I'm going to try and make at least 1 blog post a week over there, so make sure to check back at least once a week and see what's going on. If you'd like to support the show, we are now live on Patreon! For $1 a month you can get access to our lost episode catalog, which is everything that was recorded using the Yeti. I plan to continue working on those recordings once we are back up and running and getting one added per month to the queue. You can find us at We have writen up a script for the new podcast opening, Episode 0, and did a test recording with the new mic set up last weekend, which is put in at the end of this DM Chat so you guys can hear the sound difference. The last bit of news is an update on the Mieveht Intro Script. In it's raw state, it is up over 6 pages now and I am part of the way into Episode 1.2. I'm hoping to finish the script either next weekend or the weekend after so we can begin editing it and get ready to record it once we are finished with the current campaign we are on. The plan is to be back up and running in the next 4-6 weeks, and we can't wait to be back!


Thank you all for sticking with us through this!


DM Chat - We’re Taking a Break

July 17th, 2017

Hello Adventurers!

One the one hand, I'm sad to be posting this. But on the other, I am happy for what it means for the future of the show.

We're going to be taking a break for a bit while I work on restructing the podcast. The important news from this is that we will be moving over to using wordpress as our main website address, we are scrapping the current episodes to get things out recorded on our new equipment sooner, and we are in the works of setting up a patreon with the option to spend $1 to get the archived content as it comes out.


If you have an questions, or want me to let you know of any updates, please email us at


Nightwatch - Mieveht Arc 1

July 3rd, 2017

Welcome to the Adventures in Erylia podcast! You can find us at You can send any feedback to


This episode is something new that we are calling the Nightwatch, everyone sitting around the fire getting ready for watch throughout the night, talking about the events that have just happened. During Nightwatch, the players and the DM will have an open chat about the previous leg of the campaign. We discuss some meta parts of the plot, and in this episode specifically, we discuss a few of the pawns the players had seen me set up before we started but they never encountered. This also lets me get a feel for how they felt about the previous arc and hopefully be comfortable enough to let me know if there was something that particularly bugged them.


DM - Damian

Sug - Chris

Willow - Christa

Las - Caitlin

Chalul - Chantalle


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The only bit of background audio in this is courtesy of TabletopAudio, and the track is Woodland Campsite


Episode 0 - Introduction

January 7th, 2017

An introduction to what the Adventures in Erylia podcast is about.