I Hate Doing This - Episode 7 Delayed

November 27th, 2017

Well guys, I hate that this is the case, largely because it's my own fault. Episode 7 isn't ready to be posted yet. For the short version of events, I didn't budget my time well and I'm currently done with the episode itself and am going through it to add in music, but at the point I am at now, I'm looking at about 2 hours to finish the edit, which I don't have tonight. I'm sorry, being late on a bi-weekly show is something I was hoping wouldn't happen. Depending on how you see things though, there is good news for when it's live. It is our longest episode yet.

So if you're wondering, why am I late this week? There's a handful of things all rolled into one, but ultimately I could've budgeted time better and made it on time. Starting off, for this episode, I am using a new piece of editing software. I have been sampling other software that is more powerful than Audacity for a while now. None of them have been actually used to edit an episode because learning them was taking too much time and I bailed and went back to what I was familiar with. Well, Hindenburg Journalist is one I have seen recommended and has a generous 30 day free trial, so I decided to give it a shot this episode. From the beginning it was familiar and simple enough I actually stuck with it for the episode.

This is also our longest episode yet due to how things lined up. It was a short recording to begin with due to some conflicts with work schedules, but when I finished the initial edit, I was ony at 1 hour and 51 minutes. Too short for me to cut it in half like usual, but this also meant I had to get the whole things done at once this time. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this until Saturday, or I might have avoided this issue. It's the start of the holidays. Due to my work schedule, this won't effect the podcast a ton, and we have already recorded what should be enough content to get us through the holidays if schedules wont line up. However, last weekend was Thanksgiving in America.

I work Mon-Thur normally, but with how the end of the year holidays lined up, I got Wed-Sun off this weekend. Initially I had grand plans of editing this whole weekend and getting all of Decembers episodes finished too. In reality, I haven't had this much time off without a grandparent dying (aka, not a vacation) in about a year, so when it came down to it, I took advantage of the time off to relax a bit and recharge. Caitlin and Chantalle have also started streaming, and have been regularly streaming at the end of their nights for a couple weeks now. This weekend, I was able to join them, and some nights we gamed way later than they should have, and by the time they got off I would be in the mood and game some more.

So ultimately, we're late cause I didn't buckle down and edit like I should have. I should have made sure the episode was done before gaming all night on this long weekend. Hopefully we will be able to get ahead an episode or two so this won't be a recurring problem. Enjoy your day everyone. Check back in a few days and episode 7 should be finished.